The "whole Famn Damily"




These pics are from whatever I could grab so far - I will continue to post as soon as I can........

(My Mother, Rita) Great Grandma & her first car....

"Sisters" Justina (Dut-Dut) and Rita 1951

Rita 1940's ?

 Uncle Joe & Rita 2005 ? (plus or minus)

Grandma & Cindy  2010 ???

Diner food 2012 (Maybe??)

Uncle Grover Melligan (Jus's husband) 2013-2014?


Mark & Mom


With Friends in 1970        

My way to avoid the Draft - USN 1972 - Lotta good that did........



Paul D. -  son David

Karl J., - son Alexander

Joel S., Katie, - son Stephen & baby Emilia Jayne arrived 01/24/18 !!!

Lara J. Gosnell and daughter Aurora


Karl, Paul & Joel with Alex on Bike


Karl, Camilla & Alex

Karl & Alex


Paul D. & David                                                         Casey & David

David - Quality time with Dad

Lara, Aurora & Dennis                                                   Lara & Aurora

Aurora in GA.


Many more to come.......





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The Old Garage

New garage


Tree removal October 2017

The Famn Damily (or a feasionable racsimily)