The "NEW" shop in NC

These pics are of the new Garage & shop. The old one couldn't even fit a VW...



24' x 35'

15' of shelves!

9' for a workbench.

moving in.... yes, that's 2-1/2 extra sets of GL carbs on the stand - actually have 4 full sets....

Workbench built and already loaded up......

Tool boxes AND a CHAIR!!

Grey is 1983 Aspencade - Black is 1983 interstate on a1981 frame with HD batwing.

That tall Yellow lift was a freebie, cost me a small ball bearing...... lifts 880 lbs. (a GL)

Other half of garage will be home to the Corvair .....

All the boxes on the shelves & back wall were in the basement AND the old garage/shop!

This is a NOT the reason why I moved from NJ to NC.

Just check out the "old Garage" for the real reason.




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15 January 2016

The Old Garage

New home