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Windshields Batwings & Lightbars

Harley Style aftermarket                                                                       Old Goldwing style & generic


GW style aftermarket                                           Harley Style aftermarket


another Harley aftermarket - old FLH style



Big difference is the width and the tab on bottom. True old Harley types have vertical brackets for the windshield, etc.

Old style are the best.


1980 interstate, Harley light bar & shield

Took old Harley bar & welded a plate to the bottom. this is bolted to the front brake equalizer on 80/83 & made "step" brackets from the headlight bolts to the vertical brackets. Sorry, no pics of the "step" brackets. Blinkers are mounted on studs from 80 GW rear light.


1983 interstate on 81 frame, another Harley light bar & shield







Others to come as needed.....


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