The "NEW" home & shop in NC




These are 2011 pics are of the new home & garage & shop. A far cry from the old one ....

The driveway in from the end of the street its about 500 ft from the gate to the house.

OK, so its a double wide but it is well built and on a brick foundation.....

BIG front porch

lots of yard

Covered back porch too...

front garage with loft and motorhome carport - 40 ft deep

The Corvair project will move to the back garage.....

That's a "5th wheel" horse trailer in there.... not all the way back

Back garage & shop - 24' x 35'

15' of shelves!

9' for a workbench! Thats only half of the space.... check out "New garage" for more pics.

This is a NOT the reason why I moved from NJ to NC though....

Just check out the "old Garage".......




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18 December 2017

The Old Garage

New garage


Tree removal October 2017

The Famn Damily (or a feasionable racsimily)


2016 pics of home