1964 Corvair Monza Spyder Turbocharged



  UPDATE !   01/15/13

The "110 hp engine" turned out to be a 98 - 102 hp..... 110 heads will not fit unless I get 2 jugs for a 65 engine since the O.D of the jugs differ.

2nd UPDATE.....

just made a deal for another engine, 1963 ZF (98 - 102) HPE running and complete with Carbs etc. - Will have to rebuild a set of carbs & change the bell housing but that's all minor work.

Will post new pics next week once I get the engine.


23 Jan 2013 UPDATE

First PICS of the temp engine now up - see Latest engine 102HP

(I'll add to these as I tear it down)



These pics are of the 110 engine (actually 98-102) that came with the car. Lots of possibilities..... also lots of problems, like water in # 2 cylinder and a stuck # 4 piston and jugs corroded to the aluminum heads?

the first sign of ???

Waterfall effect # 2 is on top.


aluminum corrosion on head..... jugs are solid to the head.

and this thing sat in our garage for 3 - 4 months after getting it - the water didn't evap or leak out!!!

looking for an engine....... already have some 110 heads from the junk yard.....



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Spyder as first seen

Latest engine 102HP


Pics of other Corvairs