1983 Honda GoldWing Aspencade

                                                         The Rebuilding of a Great Bike

         Work Started 28 February 2011


So, the other day I was browsing Craigslist wishing I could afford another project bike when I see this ad for an Aspencade, 1983 – engine replaced, starter clutch bad, $550.00 ……… Hmm, I could squeeze that much out of the significant other, she’s planning a non-bike vacation in July/August & wants me along –why, I don’t know but it’ll be worth a few sympathy bucks if I go.

(Rule #1. - never expect to get away with anything - especially if you are MARRIED !!)

So, 50 miles later I’m looking at a 150K mile Aspy with a miss, and a starter problem but overall not bad. I'm thinking, I could argue him down some.  I have a low mile (8K) GL1100 engine with a pitted # 2 cylinder so I asked what was wrong with the old engine. He showed me the block with a hole in # 1 piston, bad valve adjustment he said. THEN He says I’m welcome to it and any other parts for the wing if I could fit them ??? 

(Rule #2. - Always have "extra" room when going to pick something up.

Next thing I knew I was loading extra heads, covers, 3 sets of carbs and then he brings out a 1984 GL1200 engine – complete…… carbs & all !!!!!  He got it from a buddy but didn’t want to mess with the hydraulic clutch.

 I didn’t have the heart to even try to argue him down.  He got his green & I got my gold.

 Anyone interested in a 1200 engine?

The 1200 engine:


The Aspy as picked up - Upon basic inspection by light disassembly:

Starter hard to engage - Engine misses -

Travel Trunk - Cracked                               1 Throttle cable broken -

                      Fairing - cracked undersides                            Cassette deck dead - Radio/CB/Intercom - ???

          DIGITAL instruments .....                           Stator Bolt - LOOSE ! Frame held it in the hole !

Lots of Chrome in decent condition                                           Graphics weren't too bad

             Sorry, I'm not into Trucker chrome                      Also not into naked "Land of Lakes Butter" logos


     Chrome Rail belongs to something else


                Wiring is an absolute MESS.......                     Air Pump ? Switches are a mess but it pumps....


New colors - Black/Red with sparkles

Honda Eagle Logos are some aftermarket that were on the trunk - Honda name was an Ebay special

The Paint is a "Rattle Can" special and stripes are 3M under clearcoat..... I may just move the black set from my Interstate, to match the fairing and bags I'm using from it, (less painting) and then use these on the Interstate when I make it "naked'. Next is to rebuild my 8K miles engine - seems a better bet than this one, considering the stator bolt, etc.

--  2May 2011  --

After several snowstorms, building a 2nd bathroom and chiropractor's visits, I got back to the project I wanted to do..... Upon teardown, the engine had a "few" problems..... no C-clip on output shaft to hold driveshaft - good thing I didn't try to ride it...... Also missing cotter pins in several areas, like brake link, also no spacer, tire rubbing on rear brake link. Odd bolts holding things in place, bolts missing in other places. Almost looked like it was put back together by a backyard lawnmower mechanic. "If it starts and mows, it has enough parts on it".

 Decided against using the 8K mile engine when I spilt the case to replace the left cylinders. Found quite a bit of rust on the gears and piston rods as well as some sort of washer in the bottom of the case that was worn in half. Appears to be a "thrust" washer? from off the trans main shaft. Also had to scrape out the hard goop to remove the screen, so now I have a parts engine.....

The engine that the P/O had installed is now the rebuild (the one with the stator bolt falling out.....). Bought a gasket kit and will replace all the o-rings etc.

Now to the Engine: The water pump was sloppy and leaked but I had a new spare (just in case). The thermostat had fallen apart literally.... the bearing on the shaft for the CDI had a wobble to it, about 3/4" off center...the other ones I have are nice and tight. so swap out time. The starter clutch assembly was as dry as the Sahara Desert. no wonder it seldom caught. The oil screen was pretty well full of "clumps", not metal, just hard  sediment. I had run some sea foam in the engine before removal so the rest is pretty good.  the P/O had painted the engine to make it look good but just painted over the grease, grime and road crud.... power washing made it clean and in need of a real painting. Wonder of wonders, the belts had been replaced !!! Timing belt was off by 1 tooth on the right bank - carbs were sticky and no doubt clogged.....already rebuild one of the other 3 sets he gave me.  I'm pulling the clutch and the oil pumps next - then on to reassembly.

 Keep in mind that this engine "RAN" with all these problems....


- 6 May 2011 -

Gasket sets from sabercyclegoldwingparts = 50 /50 at best.....   Gaskets are OK..... O-rings are NOT.... exhaust rings are NOT copper.... Live and learn.


 - 28 May 2011 –

First chance I had to add to the saga of “Aspy” –

Finally went to install the engine and found three of the four carb bolt holes in one head were stripped out….. Had another head “just Lying around…” so I cleaned it up, loosened up the valves and prepped it for install – simple, right? -  WRONG!!

Seems the Aluminum around # 3 sleeve is deformed? Looks to be in the casting? J-B Welded it and will pray…..  Sorry, no pics…


- 29 May 2011 –

Cleaned up the J-B Weld and torque the head on.  Reinstalled the new belt and will re-torque the head tomorrow.


- 30 May 2011 –

Re-torqued head and next is the gas tank. I used the vinegar treatment once again with great results!


I spilled about a pint on the driveway the first time and rinsed it off – it ran into the grass and the wife still reminds me about it a year later…. “See that dead spot? That’s from you and your rust busting concoctions”.


More to come...











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