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My biking history.

I had several mini bikes and mopeds and even an old bike we rode in the woods when we were young but nothing licensed till I got into the Navy.

My first “LEGAL” bike was a 1967 “Domestic” Honda CB125. It had a160cc bottom end with 125cc cylinders. It was brought to the states by the sailor I bought it from.

 On the first weekend I had off, I rode it to New Jersey from Groton, CT., about 5 hours in a car…… down Rt. 95 to Rt. 34 to Rt. 84 to Rt. 6 & 284 then to Rt. 206.

That little bike topped out at 70 mph downhill and barely crawled up anything steeper than an ant hill but I made almost 2 dozen trips down and back before it broke a rod. I fixed it, sold it and picked up a CB 350. After 3 – 4 CB 350 s I went for a CB

500 Twin (should have gotten a 4 cyl.) Bike ended up sitting for 2 years while I was stationed in Iceland……………… Came back in 1980 and had to replace the engine

on the 500, sold it and bought my first and ONLY Brand New bike, a 1980 CB 650. Loved that bike and kept it till 2009 when  I sold it to a friend who said I had first dibbs

if he ever chose sell it.


My passion for the GL started around 2003 when a friend said I needed a bigger bike than my CB 650. He said he had just the bike for me and the price would be right.

Bill said the only reason he was letting it go was that it was too “short” for him….. Bill is about 6’4” 280 lbs give or take and he got a sweet deal on an older BMW R90 (73-76).

I go outside and see this 1975 blue GL 1000 with Calafia bags and Vetter fairing. My First thought is “too much junk and too heavy for me”. Boy, was I ever wrong……. I

almost threw the bike over when I brought it up off the side stand! It had 22K on it and Bill had bought it from the original owner. Bill had done all kinds of work on it just

because that’s the kind of guy he was. The paint was OK but the mechanical side was like a brand new bike……. All greased & lubed, all oils changed, engine, rear, forks,

 shocks, etc. etc. I believe he even said he had drained and cleaned the gas tank as well. All I had to do was ride it.  And that was the beginning of a whole new world of riding

for me. Since then I have had the 75, an 80 GL 1100, two 81s and now two 83s with a few parts bikes in there now and then like the 1978 1000 that was given to me last

 month (May 2011) FOR FREE and a 1200 engine that came with one of my 83 1100s………….

Update - 7/1/11: 78 and 1200 engine are off to another happy "mechanic".............


More to come later…….


MBS (Multiple Bike Syndrome) is a HOBBY not an affliction...

If it is an affliction, I hope they NEVER FIND A CURE.......