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My history with cars:

Took my driving test in the 61. That in itself was an experience since it was snowing and they almost cancelled the tests that day.

I also flipped a corvair

l lost 2 axle bearings over time - quickly repaired thanks to a GREAT big brother.

 My brothers also got caught up in the Corvair bug and so the love affair began…

A 64 Monza 900 bought for $40.00,

A 65 Monza 900 I ran at Island Dragway

A  63 Corvair Greenbrier Van for $25.00 found out in a farm field.

My older brother had a 65 Corsa – 4 carb convertible.

My younger brother bought a rusty 64 Spyder some years back but hasn’t done much with it yet.

In 1977 I received orders for Iceland. It was then that I sold my last Corvair,  much to my wife’s pleasure. As much as I missed my car, I knew it was for the best.

Other enjoyable vehicles followed such as Vegas, FJ40s, Rangers and even a GMC Jimmy, but none were as much fun.

 Little did I know how well my children listened to those stories of how much I loved my Corvairs, till one day........


A Corvair Family

Back in 67 mom got a 63 700 4dr & an uncle had a 60 500 4dr. in 69 I bought a 61 2dr (think it was a Monza) for $125.00. Lost an axle bearing on a hill & lost all brakes and gears, nothing like seeing your rear tire outside the fender while going downhill at 50 mph! Snow banks stop you pretty good if you're carefull.... Dad bought a 64 4dr at that time & older brother bought a 64 2dr. In 71 bought a 61 Lakewood Wgn. sold it & bought a 61 4dr pg and promptly flipped it - not easy to do but I managed it.....Older brother had a 65 Monza 900 he sold me as he picked up a 65 Corsa convertable (4 ones) & we added a 4bbl to mine & ran it at Island Dragway  in "M" stock. Next was my draft notice & Navy Boot Camp. Came home btw boot & A school & drove it from NJ to Great Lakes IL. After some not so happy time in a not so happy place, came home after I sold it (after it got hit in rear quarter) and headed to Groton CT. Picked up a 64 Monza 900 for $40.00! (Blown Cyl. Hd Gasket) 3 Hrs. later the PO was "PO'd" as I was driving around in what he thought was a "POS"! Lost another axle bearing on Rt 84 - Got Married in 74 & towed a 67 VW bus to Maryland (next command) with the Monza. Rebuilt VW engine & sold it as my brother found a 63 Greenbrier panel for @25.00! 1 year later clutch was going & we were transferring again so I sold the van & got a Vega for the wife. Went back to Groton CT & got orders to Iceland  Feb. 78. Sold the Monza & Vega & got a 73 Landcruiser FJ40. When we returned in 80 couldn't find any Corvairs. Wife was VERY HAPPY, no more Corvairs she said.... Several cars & trucks later, jump to 2012, 3 kids all off on their own -sort of - we had bought a home in NC & loaned it to our oldest son - went to visit him & Marine wife & he had "something" to show me. I knew the outline before the cover was pulled - Early Model Corvair!!! not only that but a 64 Spyder Turbo!!!!! He says its mine! WTF? I promised his mom "no more corvairs" - turns out she was in on it....... yes it was in pieces & it came cheap, 2 non-running jetskis - So here I am once again working on a Corvair. #13 for the family.

If I can get this on the road, He is getting it back - to give to his son! This one is staying in the family..............