1983 Honda GoldWing Interstate

                                                            The Story of "Retread"

         Work Started 11 April 2010 - still modifying...



“Retread” is a born-again Goldwing.  Not sure if he’s Christian, but I’m pretty sure he’s got a soul.

 Thus began the rebirth of the 1983 GL 1100I now known as “Retread”. I say “He” because there’s nothing feminine about him. He’s not so lean, he can still be mean, & he’s a fighting machine zipping through traffic each day with the best of them. The looks we get at bike nights say it all. Two old farts still chugging along, beginning to age but fighting it all the way.


My original mount style had rods mounted on the bars to hold the batwing & shield forward against the wind.


The flat bars from the top of the triple tree to the braces eliminated the need for the rods but I use them on long high speed runs like from NJ to NC (650 mi. each way)


The flat bars from the top of the triple tree to the braces


There is a bracket from the headlight bolt to the batwing mount.



shield was cut down to just below eye level.


No inner guts but could be created in the sides.


Bars are on setbacks. (See Below)


Batwing & windshield swap out is pretty easy.

Batwing fairing was just a shell so I had to create a complete mount from scratch. Found it needed extra support so added bars from the top bolts of the forks and posts from the handlebars - VERY SOLID now.......... Rock steady at 80 mph. Traffic cruising speed to work averages 65 - 80++ ... I TRY to hold it down  to 70 max. Trucks are the worst! Mind you, this is at 5:30 AM !! They are all headed to NYC. I turn off half way, THANK GOD !




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