1980 Honda CB650


Bought NEW June 1980


  While stationed in Iceland in 1978, I drooled over the deal that Harley offered to servicemen. My wife said wait till we get back to the states and see what we could do then. Money was tight but we paid cash for this and had no debt while I still had a brand new ride.......

I rode her till I got my friends 78 Yamaha XS1100 - then moved to my first GL, a 1975 GL1000 with Calafia bags and fairing. The 650 took up a corner of the garage till 1998 when my oldest son wanted a bike.

We pulled her out, rebuilt the carbs and fired her up.......... WOW never realized how much pep she had! One or two wheelies later I put her back in the corner & found a nice little 73 CB350 for my son. Boy, was he pissed!!!

2002 comes around and my second son is going into the Navy so we needed to get him his cycle endorsement to his license before he left (he did plenty of dirt bike riding) so out comes the 650 again, another carb cleaning and 82 miles in the rain later he got his endorsement.

Somewhere around 2004 my third son wanted to fix up the "old faithful" so this time HE rebuilt the carbs and also found the stator was now bad so a little engine work later he was riding her. He returned her when one of his brothers gave him one of his crotch rockets....

My oldest has yet to forgive me for not letting him use her but he's been into Harleys for a while now so I hope its OK now. My wife and daughter never had the urge to get their bike licenses so I finally parted with the 650 in 2009 to a friend who totally rebuilt her. I have first dibbs if he decides to ever part with her.

These pics are of how she looked when I handed her over, she now looks like the day I bought her.


Gone but not forgotten.............




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